Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 21, 2003

Trying to get it

“Don’t give me your opinion on the war unless I ask for it.” I’m going to set that up as on auto-reply function on my email and maybe have a T-shirt made. I know that many people around me have very passionate opinions about the pending war in Iraq, and I respect that. I’m still doing my research, trying to collect information from as many sources as I can (biased and unbiased) and forming my own opnions on the matter. Given the scope of this situation and the propoganda flying about from both sides, it’s a lot of work, and it’s taking me awhile. So until I have a counterpoint or a rousing “hell yeah!” stop emailing me about it or rambling on without end in sight if we happen to meet at the water cooler. All you’re going to get from me in response is “sure.”

It’s a hot topic I know, but I didn’t ask for you to get up on your soapbox in front of me. Today, 7 emails about it, some from people I haven’t spoken to in years. Last friday, a co-worker gave me a half-hour lecture on the war, again un-solicited. Sometimes, people have forwarded me articles, which I do appreciate as it’s more information for me to work with, but I swear if I get one more stupid petition, that isn’t actually legally valid in any form, I’ll freak.

The fact remains that it’s a horrible connundrum. How do you go about protecting the interests of people who want to live a certain way, without infringing on the rights of others? Who’s place is it to depose a Tyrant? Another country’s or the people of that nation? At what point do you fight back and at what cost? How is freedom protected by restrictions? There are so many more questions associated with this issue, and sadly, I am not a great political mind. I know that there are great political minds out there, who have all kinds of answers for me, but I believe that I have to find my own. I’m trying to find the facts and then apply what I believe to that. All the rules we play by have changed, which is why I’m doing my best to think before I open my mouth. Once that is done I can truly say what I think and have a real debate about it.



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