Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 18, 2003

Do not miss your chance to blow

Riding in the car today, Eminem’s “Lose yourself” came on the radio and I actually had a chance to absorb the lyrics. While I am generally a star when it comes to catching lyrics, one line in the song had totally passed me by. That one being the title of this entry. I realize that I’m totally white (come to think of it, so is Em) and that I’m living thousands of kilometres from the land where this music was spawned, but did I miss a memo or something? Last time I checked blowing (as in, and not the opposite of, sucking) was something you tried not to do. As M pointed out, it’s hard to miss your chance to blow, as you pretty much have a chance to blow every fricken day. The rest of the chorus is rather inspiring and about taking your chance, so at first listen this seems rather erroneous.

I have two running theories as to what Em is talking about. First, “blow” means to be on the mic (for Mike). You know, blowing air into it while you speak. My second theory is that Em is giving young women and girls explicit instructions on how to get back stage at one of his shows. Right now it’s anyone’s game as to which theory is actually the truth.



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