Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 15, 2003

Ice Skating

If you think this blog is going to be about winter sports, think again. I spent the better part of this morning with some rather wealthy women, who are doing some pretty cool things in for foreign (wealthy) women living in Prague and getting some cash together for charity. I was at the meeting to observe and see how one of their projects was coming along. It kept my attention pretty well, but during some moments when they were chatting amongst themselves, I couldn’t help peeking. I know it’s declasse to check out what purse a person is carrying or mentally estimating the carat value of the rings on their fingers, but it’s something people do. The smart ones know how to do it without getting caught. Like me. Of course, when I’m faced with the genuine article, be it a Louis Vitton bag, Gucci shoes or an emerald cut stone, I tend to want to reach out and touch it. Also, not something you want to be doing in “proper” company. “Why is that girl trying to paw my scarf?”

Anyway, it viewing of the bobbles of the upper crust got me thinking about jewelery. When I got back to the office, somehow my fingers typed in Tiffany’s on the internet and I’ve been oohing and ahhing jewelery ever since. Not that I can afford a bit of it, but it’s still one of those things I strive for someday. Sometimes it’s fun it window shop for your future.



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