Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 11, 2003


My amazing Clie diet program also has an exercise feature. Meaning I can include things like doing the laundry or walking to work and back in my calorie count. If I had a dog to bathe, I could count that too. The most interesting way of burning calories I’ve found in the list has to be under “Personal Leisure,” where there is one activity: Sex. I can input the insensity of my personal leisure at a variety of levels, with “Light (kiss and hug)” burning 38 calories for a 30 minute session or “Vigorous” buring a whole 57 calories in 30 mintues.

I’m not sure how vigorous the programmers of the system were, but I think that having sex vs. kissing and hugging would be a bigger difference than 19 calories. Especially when ironing clothes for the same time burns 88 calories. Maybe I’m just lazy at the ironing board.



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