Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 8, 2003

Gah! 2, Electric Boogaloo

I’m trying to learn how to use style sheets, as pretty much every html helper I’ve read has told me that the best way to solve my problem is to use a style sheet. And really, I should use one. Mike suggested that I set one up when I did the first part of the overhaul (even gave me really great instructions on how to do so in usual Mike style). But I didn’t. Because why? Because I’m a big retard. I was scared of the unknown and I still am. Even worse, I can’t upload the style sheet to thefalseidol now because the wonderful program Dreamweaver is back in Canada. What’s a girl to do? Will I ever find a link colour that works on both backgrounds? Will I ever get my life back and stop writing about inane things like html and jetlag? Will I ever stop having dry feet? Will I ever be able to do all my shopping at one store? Only time will tell.



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