Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 8, 2003


Apparently you can’t use the force to edit html. I’m presently way over my depth trying to fix the 2 issues my blog seems to have. First the good news. I have archives back. You’ll see them in the ugly grey bars to the left. Of course, since I still have not sorted out how to have a different link colour in my sidebar, you have to hover over them with your mouse to see what they actually say.

So here is where I make an appeal for help. If some of the html inclined readers of this page (Mike, Susan…) could help me with one or both of the following issues I would be so happy.

1) How does one create a different link colour on the side bar?

2) How does one get the blogger archives program to accept the bg colour of 627999?

I’m going to go outside and yell for a little while and then try to tackle it again.



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