Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 6, 2003

Welcome back Kotter

I have to be sure to put this all in the right order. I’m back in Prague now, after what seemed like the longest transAtlantic flight EVER. Of course M can sleep through the apocolypse, so I got to watch him sleep for 4 hours, while I slaved over my Czech homework. Boo-urns. Anyway, we made it back. It seemed really hard to leave Canada this time. Even though I was really sick for the last half of this trip, I had a really great time. I already miss my family, Mike and Dawn, the shopping, digital satellite, portable internet access and Jedi Outcast (oh how I miss you!). Still as I walked in the door, there was my Zeus meowing hello to me. In spite of all the wonderful cats I hung out with this holiday (Aristotle, Calypso, Indigo and Abigail), I still think that Zeus is the best cat ever, like a good Kitty-mom should.

We’re pretty much unpacked now and I’m very happy to report that my Cile works just wonderfully with my computer. I napped for most of the afternoon, hopefully trouncing what’s left of the cold in my chest. I cough really pretty right now. Amazingly, I’m still tired so I may be able to kick the jet lag (which I rarely get flying this way). I had a great time at home, and I’m thinking the time to return is somewhere around the corner. No promises, but home is a pretty great place. Thank you to everyone for making it such a kick ass holiday. God I miss Jedi Outcast.



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