Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 4, 2003

Cribbing and Wishing

Does looking back and looking forward mean that you’re rooted in “the now?” Anyway, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do resolutions (I don’t usually) or if I wanted to crib Mike’s New Year’s lessons, so I’m going to do both, which should end up reading like my usual blathering.

Past: Being an adult means accepting that things will not be perfect all the time.

Future: I want to be less devestated when things aren’t perfect, but not lose my desire to improve and strive for perfection. Sigh.

Past: People will always be quick to point out your mistakes.

Future: Care less.

Past: Home is where your cat is.

Future: Bring your cat closer to your friends.

Past: Over-eating is a product of boredom.

Future: Be bored less.

Past: Friends who get you make the ordinary extrodinary.

Future: Live closer to them.

Past: Heroes are wonderful in fantasy and in reality.

Future: Tell heroes in reality that they are great.

Past: Belly dancing makes me happy.

Future: Dance more.

Past: I will never be as skinny as the super tiny Czech girls are.

Future: That’s a-okay. Snap the skinny bitches in two if they give you any attitude.

Past: I’m a nerd.

Future: Bask in it.

Past: Premium make-up is SO much fun.

Future: Keep working hard to afford it.

Past: One form of bliss is waking up with your boy and your cat on a Saturday morning.

Future: Keep working hard to have mornings like that.



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