Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 4, 2003

Lots to say

Our journey begins on December 31st. My plan was to get up nice and early and drive to Toronto for three days and catch an afternoon showing of Attack of The Clones in IMAX. Sadly my case of the plague had me doubting if I could stand up long enough to walk to the kitchen let alone handle the 3 hour drive to Toronto. So I took a nap, letting go of my hopes of seeing Star Wars on a projector whose light can be seen from the moon. I napped and took a great deal of non-drowsy cold medication and made my way to The Big Smoke.

I made it to Toronto, listening to a mix of belly dancing music, Tori, Groove Armada, Muse B-sides, No Doubt and Sophie. I love multi-disc changers. I hooked up with M and we made for Mike and Dawn’s for our NYE festivities. We were joined by Andrea, Dave, Gail, Nick and Natasha. We played something I think was called Monkeyball on the gamecube, a survivor like version of Trivial Pursuit (without the thongs…at least as far as I know), ate astounding amounts of sushi and chocolate and taught Mike that Ouija boards aren’t laid out like keyboards (a,b,c,d,e…).

Waking up on New Year’s Day we were all happy to learn that drinking reasonably means that you don’t have a hangover the next day. We celebrated our good sense with breakfast cupcakes and then trotted off to see a great film: Chicago. Having never seen the Broadway version, I have no basis of comparison. Mike told me that Bebe Newerith was a superior Velma on the stage, but CZJ did a pretty sweet job. It was a great film with a great text. Very Fosse!

The rest of the trip entailed gift giving with M’s family (I was totally spoiled), shopping with M, Mike and Dawn and a great gathering for M’s birthday at a U of T pub. I made my way back to Kingston in a snow storm today. It had been a mild visit to Canada with not a flake of snow in sight. Last night piles of snow was dropped on south-eastern Ontario and it has yet to let up. Driving home was tiring, but I counted myself lucky as I passed accident after accident on the highway.

One thing I did notice while I was hurtling through the snow, past all kinds of cars that were stuck in the left lane, going much slower than I was (but that’s another blog), I saw an interesting landmark just north of Kingston. It’s amazing how many times you can drive past something and not notice it. It’s called The Rivendell Golf Club. Their motto “Where the elves come and play.” Can you imagine Elrond reaching for the nine iron? Anyway, it was a nice couple of days. It’s nice to be back with my folks.



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