Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 30, 2002

What I’ve learned during my 8 hour spree of playing Jedi Outcast

-While using the mouse is far superior for playing the game, the big red welt on my wrist makes me long for the simple mouse-free days.

-There’s a lot of logic in the saying “Never trust a bartender with bad grammar.”

-Mike is eternally paitent with me.

-I feel kind of bad for looking at the walk-through when I became frustrated, but have now rationalized it with the knowledge that I really only have 2 days left to play it before I’m back in the land of laptops and RAM droughts.

-I really enjoy shooting storm troopers in the head.

-I’m totally ashamed that I didn’t totally ace the Jedi Trials right away.

-Playing video games is really relaxing.

-Real life would be easier if I had a lightsaber.

-I should really get out of the pyjammas I’ve been wearing for the last 48 hours.



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