Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 28, 2002

Cracking up

True to form, I have come down with my annual case of The Christmas Flu. Fever, coughing, sore muscles, and an unhappy belly have all come to possess my usually strong and healthy form. Boo-urns to that. I’ll be totally pissed if I’ve caught that absurd cruise ship flu. While I like to be in fashion, I draw the line at having the latest disease. Like Cordelia said in Buffy Season 1 “Who has chronic fatigue anymore?” Ah well. I’ve got my huge glass of grapefruit juice and a big old bottle of Tylenol. And at least there’s wireless internet. That makes things a little less boring. Sadly my father, who almost never gets sick, has caught it as well.

Being sick is such a waste of time. I could have been skating with my Dad today! I could have been shopping with my mother! I could have been buying big fresh fluffy shrimp to snack on! But no. I’m stuck in bed feeling like poo. What a waste. Illness actually makes me kind of crazy. I wish I’d determined that I was getting sick when I woke up in a paranoid panic last night. I tried to use reason to work my way out of it, but it was like the connection to being rational was severed. I was sitting in bed for a good two hours, heart pounding, absolutely certain that everyone I knew was betraying me in some horrible way. Yes, I have trust issues among others. Regardless, it was a fairly awful way to pass the time between 2 and 4 a.m..

I decided that the only way to overcome this paranoia and prevent a heart attack was to do some reading. So I read about a quarter of The Fellowship Of The Ring and tried to let that dominate my mind. Nothing like a little escapism. It worked for a little while, but as I was drifting in and out of sleep I started thinking about the aliens from Signs. Which for a normal, sane, healthy person wouldn’t mean much. But for a reality challenged, feverish me, trying to get to sleep in a pretty shadowy house, it meant more heart pounding paranoia and having to sleep with the light on. Eventually I feel asleep, only to wake up at 7, again with the heart pounding. Of course you can imagine my relief when I stood up and discovered that I was actually sick and feverish and not going totally insane.

I know there will be more crazy to come. I’m restless and missing my man and my Zeus and can’t really to much to keep myself busy. So bear with me. This too shall pass.



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