Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 28, 2002

Ever changing

Mental note: Must learn how to code different link colours in tables. Must stop being such a dork at HTML.

Until I learn some skills, faithful readers will have to cope with darker than dark links on the right column. Why have I relegated them to the shadows? Because the almost white, but not quite white, links were making it hard for some (not me) to read links in the text. It’s all progressing… slowly. Archives should be back in a couple of days.

I realized that I forgot to mention what I’ve scored so far in my Christmas Haul. I am glad to read that no one has given Mike what I’m going to give him on NYE. Phew! Anywho. First thanks have to go to Kari for hooking me up with my first Pilates video and a belly dancing CD. Yay for stretchy muscles! And thanks to Wendy for the Clinique extravagnza. Christmas day got me a new mini disc/mp3 player and a new Clie personal organizer. I simply adore technology. I also found that Santa got me an assortment of soaps from Lush, the always needed socks and jammas in super soft fabrics, a red sweater or two, Attack Of The Clones on DVD, a James Bond trivia set (which goes perfectly with the 007 days of bond I’ve been watching on TNN) a candle from Peir One that matches my living room perfectly and a healthy wad of cash (most of which went shopping with me yesterday). The scary part is that Christmas isn’t over yet. In fact, this is just the beginning. I have 4 bags full of presents still to give this holiday. Madness.

Some of the coolest presents I’ve been given this holiday have been from my uber crafty mother and sister. My mother is amazing with all kinds of crafts and my sister is in pursuit of the craft championship belt for sure. Mum carved me a little jewlery box and covered it with carvings of cat paw prints and painted it silver. She also painted a photo frame to match and filled it with an amazing photo (which she took) of my dear Zeus. She also knit me a huge, long, super warm and colourful scarf to keep me warm in Prague. If I weren’t one of the primary benificiaries of her skills, I’d be sickened by it. Instead, I’m awed and greatful. My sister has gotten into making mosaics, and presented me with 4 handmade glass mosaic coasters. They’re so cool and so beautiful. I may be able to paint and get my eyeliner perfect every time, but these two are just amazing at what they create. Sewing everything from ball gowns to sofa covers, knitting, quilting, carving, gardening… you name it. These two can do it and do it well. And not in that country crafty way, but in a modern and stylish way. It’s cool. And I am SO lucky to be related to them.



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