Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 27, 2002

Your tax dollars at work

With the help of Mike the archives issue should be solved soon and maybe a link colour that’s easier on the laptop gazing eye. Still, I think I’m happy with it.

Today was all in all a pretty decent day for a girl who’s far away from her man and her very cute grey kitty. I got up this morning and hit the stores. I won a prize in line at Old Navy for having foreign currency in my purse, and got a great fitting pair of jeans. Kudos to the people who invented stretch denim… the sins you can conceal. I went candle crazy at Pier One, making the rationalization that “you can’t get candles like this in Prague.” I wonder how I’m going to rationalize it when I’m living in a city with a Pier One? I did manage to refrain from buying placemats and other decor items. It took a lot of work though.

Winners got me in touch with some great tops for very little money. Exactly what I’m into. And I went pretty much crazy with OPI nail polish at a beauty supply store (talk about going to your happy place). Yep, on this jaunt home I have already purchased 5 new laquers. The problem is that OPI has these totally irresistable names like “Red-Red Rhine”, “Swedish Nude”, “Samoan Sand” and my favourite, which I have to buy before I leave “It’s my Prague-ative.” Who would have known that some of the best nail polish in the world would come from the Netherlands? Coming through Duty Free from Prague I did a Goth backslide and bought Rouge Noir, which means my toe nails are ready to head to a Sisters of Mercy concert. Ahh youth.

The shopping isn’t over yet. It’s a little freaky how comforting that is for me. Another thing that’s freaky is a present that my friend Julie purchased for me. It’s called the Jedi Training and Quiz Book. It’s basically a test of how big a Star Wars nerd you are… the answer for me: HUGE. I have already achieved the rank of Jedi Master and am also part of the New Jedi Order. It was mostly fun, but I was actually a little scared of myself that I could answer… without hesitation…the two following questions:

Princess Leia was a prisoner on the Death Star. What level and detention block, according to R2-D2 was she kept in?

a. Level four, detention block AA-thirty-nine

b. Level six, detention block AC-twenty-one

c. Level five, detention block AA-twenty-three

d. Level two, detention block AD-six

Clearly the answer is c. (Without hesitating, sigh)

When Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca finally broke into the detention block, Han Solo found out which cell Princess Leia was in. Which was it?

a. 2178

b. 2204

c. 2362

d. 2187

Here, the answer is d. I knew it before I read any of the options. It’s beyond scary how nerdy I am.



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