Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 21, 2002

I love the elves

I’ve had a night to digest it. And I think I love it. It was a litter harder to come to that conclusion than I expected it to be. It’s kind of like when you actually fall in love. You come in with an expectation and you are given something different, you hadn’t considered, and after some thought you realize that it’s better than what you were looking for in the first place. I’m currently trying to apply this formula to my on-going battle with M over the merits of fine China.

Again, there are spoliers below for the uninitiated

Anyway, other highlights. The army of elves. It was just so cool when they fought and so tragic when they fell in battle. That whole moving in unison thing. Wah. And Legolas jumping on to the galloping horse that was carrying Gimli during the battle with the Orc Wolves. Could Legolas BE any cooler? Aragorn, Aragorn, Aragorn and Aragorn. That’s all for that point. The breaking of the spell over Theoden (great effects). And the performance of Gollum, esp. when he did the scene reminiscent of W. Defoe in Spiderman. Really, Christmas came early for me this year.

A question or two… There was a least on scene in the trailers that didn’t appear in the film. The one where Saruman is commenting on Gandalf’s discovery of the last King of Gondor. Has it been moved? Are they going to put it back into the extended version?

Oh and I still totally don’t like Eowyn. I know I’ll like her in ROTK, but in TTT, Gah! Though she is less contemptuous now that they introduced the plot line of Arwen actually choosing to leave Middle Earth (great scene with Arwen and Elrond). Meaning she’s not a jerk for lusting after Aragorn, as he is now “apparently” parted from his beloved forever and therefore, fair game. And Aragorn isn’t a jerk for being confused (though it’s pretty clear that he’s not really temped at all), as he is only having to be faithful to a memory. Tricky bastards.



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