Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 21, 2002

You mean I have to wait ANOTHER year…

M, you shouldn’t read this until you see TTT…

Contrary to Kari’s appraisal of TTT, I actually didn’t think it was long enough. Crazy no. My first thought when I was driving home from the theatre was “I can’t wait for the extended version.”

I want to say that it was the best cinematic experience ever, that it is the Empire for a new age, and maybe with my second viewing it will be. But I left feeling just the slightest bit sour about the ending. I was really hoping the film would end in the devestating way the book did. They decided to put that off, which worries me. How are they going to fit everything into ROK? I’ve heard about where it’s going to end, and I just can’t fathom how they’re going to do it all.

That said, I loved it. Helms Deep blew my mind and I was so happy that they kept the counting between Gimli and Legolas. Shadowfax. Damn that’s a great horse. I was choked up a little with the exploration of the love story of Aragorn and Arwen from the appendicies. When I read it, it was sad, but it never totally registered what she was subjecting herself to by staying. This brought it all home. I wish their plot line didn’t become so tragic after all they worked for to be together.

I’m totally not taking back my freakout over Eowyn. Toning it down, yes, but not taking it back. At the end of the movie, we’re left with Aragorn thinking that Arwen has left for the Grey Heavens and is getting a whole lot of fawning from the Sheild Maiden. Of course we know how it turns out… but there’s still room for some smutting about. I’m more sure that PJ won’t mess it up…

More later… Mum is calling me for dinner.



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