Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 20, 2002

Sleepy eyes and LA

Yep, that’s right. I’m back in Canada again. Time doesn’t seem to move here. Except beds seem to. My parents moved my bed out of my room. They moved it upstairs, to my sister’s old room, and put the sofa bed in my room. Or I guess my former room. I haven’t actually lived here in 7 years, and it’s not like I could reasonably expect them to leave it as a shrine or anything, but I’m a little weary. And I can’t even sneak upstairs to sleep in my bed (the second most comfortable bed in the world, after my bed in Prague) because that room is full of Christmas presents that are not meant for my eyes.

Still, it’s home and that’s good. There’s my family, lots of food, Cable internet, and digital satellite. Did I mention the cats. Two huge Norwegian Forest cats. Very cute and still quite kitten-y. Still not my Zeus, who I’m missing so much right now. Regardless, it’s a good place to be. I’m trying to kick my jet lag early (I’m one of those freaks who gets jet lag travelling West-what the hell?) and making myself stay up to at least 11 p.m. It’s almost ten. Eyelids…so…heavy. But cable internet is so fast and it’s always on. Also, home is awsome because my mother will randomly bring me bowls full of cottage cheese. I can be the most independant woman, take care of many people’s needs and need very little back, but my mom bringing me food like she did when I was younger, just melts me.

I’m totally jealous of Kari’s Tori experience and wish I could have been there to share it with her. Can you believe I haven’t seen Tori since the 5 and 1/2 weeks tour? Maybe M and I will get it together to see her in Munich on the 25th. As if she played Jackie’s Strength, Bliss and Hey Jupiter! I would have been a blob of weeping goo by the end of it. So envious I’m a little green. Also, I’m sending large amounts of sympathy for Wendy and her tonsils. Have those bad boys taken out. I gave mine their pink slips when I was 3, as 14 cases of tonsilitis were enough for me.

The next few days are going to include a trip to the dentist (boo-urns), a veiwing of TTT (wow, omigod, wow) and my resisting the urge to buy everyone more Christmas presents. I’m done all my shopping, but I’m having those “I don’t have enough” feelings, which I get every year and then spend way too much on everyone, because I’m so afraid that people will be disappointed and not feel special, which is the opposite of the effect I’m trying to get here.

Okay, rambling… must watch more Star Trek… or sleep. Good to be home. Miss my cat and my man so very much, but at least have my stuffed animal bunny with me. (Did I just write that?)



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