Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 6, 2002

Shades of grey

Most days, waking up is a pleasant experience for me. I have a fantastically soft and comfortable bed, sleep in the coziest of pyjammas and usually am cuddled up with my very warm boyfriend and velvety soft cat. I usually wake up with the sunlight coming in through our windows and the first thing I see is a row a beautiful baroque facades, usually with a beautiful blue sky behind them. I even get excited when it’s raining. The sound of the rain against the windows and of the cars on the street driving through puddles is an oddly soothing sound for me. I wake up each day and think “I love my life.”

Today, waking up was dreadful. It was 8 a.m. and the sky was barely light. Even now at 10:15 it’s just a lighter shade of grey. To make matters worse I had an awful nightmare, and woke up from it so upset and petrified that I couldn’t bring myself to move and wake up M to tell me it was just a bad dream. I don’t know how long I lay there, scared. But thankfully Zeus got tired of waiting for us to get up, give him treats and drip bath water on his head (I don’t understand why, but the cat absolutely loves it) and woke M up for me, thus ending my paralyzing silence.

I expect the rest of the day to be fine. I’m not one of those people who lets a bad morning ruin the rest of the day, but I’m a little sour about it. My life is pretty sweet, and one of the ways I enjoy it big and little parts of its sweetness is to enjoy the small stuff. The details. Waking up is one of my details, like my lunchtime salad ritual. I missed it today, but luckily I can always try again tomorrow.



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