Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 2, 2002

Some feedback

Since I told the world (or at least my small blog world) what my present ambitions are, I’ve gotten some fairly postive feedback. Not that this is about feedback, but when dealing with life choices like careers, child-rearing and hair cuts, it’s good to test the sanity level in your water by asking around a little.

Thus far, I have not had a “my god, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”, but I haven’t told my family about it yet, so there’s still a chance for some hearty laughing and pointing. Tania has been the most adent supporter thus far, exclaiming “That’s so totally perfect for you.”, which is really what I’m wanting to hear. Mike was super helpful and supportive as well, siding with M, that I’d feel pretty stifled if I was just Jane beautician working at the local salon with all the “girls.” So we’ve narrowed the feild a little. I think the plan is to go into special effects make-up/make-up for film and television. Like Mike said, a job that might actually incorporate something I learned in undergrad and allow me to work in an industry I’m facinated with.

There have been some questions about my new career path, and it’s good that I’m answering them all now before I face the ‘rents. Questions like do I really want to have to brush away the cocaine residue from beneath the noses of the actors I’ll working on at 4 o’clock in the morning? Do I want to see how things work behind the scenes, without the magic? Do I want to be in a trade instead of something more academic? Do I want to deal with people treating me like I’m an airhead because I’ll be working in a profession with a stigma of being full of airheads (something I disagree with)? And do I want to give up the desk and computer lifestyle (hell yeah!)?

It’s been said that people go through many careers in their life. I don’t really ever plan to have my one ultimate job that I’m going to to for the rest of my life. I plan on doing many different things, so I can have a rich and diverse life. This is what I want to be my next career. Who knows where I’ll be after that. I do know that I’m smart and my only limits are those that I put upon myself… Ok, I’m about to break into the “confidence in me” song from the Sound Of Music, so I’ll stop that.

I suppose it all comes down to that horrible question of: Do you do what you think you should do, or do you do what you want to do? There are risks and benefits with both options. I guess the most important thing is to know which is which and make a concious choice to do one of them.



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