Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 22, 2002

Blog Back

No major violence thus far at the Summit. I watched a bit of today’s opening remarks on TV and had to confess that it’s pretty cool that there are 40 some head of state in Prague. The city where I’m living. All my big city cool washes away and I become the small town trash girl who says “Gosh. That’s neat.”

I’ve been inside my apartment for about 42 hours straight now and I think I’m starting to get just a little bit stir crazy. I’m going to throw caution to the wind and go out for lunch, a walk and a little bit of shopping.but first… some blog backs.

Pet Names

In my family we used to name our pets after songs, musical groups or greats from antiqutiy (save two pets, Tigger, who was supposed to be Yoda but I was out-voted, and Nikki, who was named before my time). For music we had Roxanne; who my sister found driving through Kingstons teeny-weeny red light district, Indigo; for one of my sister’s favourite groups, and then Miles; for the jazz great. In the masters of the ancient world we had Cassius; a stray that came to live with us and my mother observed that he had “a lean and hungry look,” Zeus; who was actually going to be Jupiter until I determined that it was bad karma to name your cat after Laura Palmer’s (Twin Peaks) cat-we all know how they ended up, Calypso; one of my parents prized Norwegian Forest Cats and Artistotle; Calypso’s brother and hopefully an indicator of my family’s interest in reason.

Gromit would be a break with tradition, but well worth it I think.

Betty and Veronica

I always liked Veronica (she was direct and well dressed) and thought Betty wasn’t much of a good girl for alway trying to steal Archie away all the time. Sadly it is true, being sweet all the time gets you nowhere. If you’re chilly or aloof most of the time and save the sweetness for special occasions then it’s all the more dramatic and impressive. You see it all the time. “He/she is usually so cold to me.” And when they’re nice to you, you feel good about it, like you’ve done something that they finally approve of, and you forgive all the bitchy/jerky behavior yet to come. Awful isn’t it.

Also, It doesn’t strike me as strange that we all have issues with tempataion and fiedelity when we grew up with a group of hormone driven, backstabbing, cheating teens as our role models. Even Midge couldn’t be faithful to Moose. I also wondered why it’s always be brunette that’s evil. It happened in the smurfs too.

Bobby Briggs has not aged well

Kari saw him on a recent ep of Dawson’s Creek (what were you doing watching Dawson’s Creek?) and age has not been kind to my highschool crush, which is a shame since most men age very nicely. Just my luck.



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