Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 18, 2002

There’s a feeling in the air

Someone said to me “It’s like the calm before the storm.” as I was walking into the elevator at work today. Part of me, well all of me actually, is hoping that everything goes peacefully. First, because I’m not so keen on violence and I think it’s always better when people aren’t beating the crap out of eachother and second, because it feels like everyone is hoping for calamity to come. I would prefer no calamity, no crazy and no disruption of my daily life. I know that some people would be disappointed if there weren’t windows smashed, cars overturned and streets kicked up for ammo, but I would be happy if it could all go down with a little bit of sanity.

I’m not even talking about the terrorist threat. The first meeting of 45 world leaders, many of whom are on OBL’s hit list, since 9/11. I think a couple of nerves are warranted. I guess I’m just going to have to get used to the helicopters flying overhead for the rest of the week.



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