Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 17, 2002

Wallace, Gromit and the hunt for the perfect dog name

M and I have the most interesting conversations before we fall asleep. Last night’s stuck me as interesting so I made a point of remembering it. As most people know, I’m a person of passing obsessions. I find something, like it and for a brief period of time I make it my world. I do it with everything, even food. There are a few things that stick with me like M, Star Wars, Buffy and make-up for example.

Anyway, my most recent obsession is Wallace and Gromit. Mike left a DVD of Big Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave and I’ve been bugging M to watch it with me any chance I can get. I think he’s a little relieved that I’m not bugging him to watch Lord Of The Rings all the time, but he’s still laughing at me a whole heck of a lot.

I hadn’t seen Wallace and Gromit in English before, but was intrigued by what I’d seen in German at the language school I work at for mad money. After several viewings of Untershaffen, and Chicken Run (in English) I was up for watching the claymation antics of Nick Park. So I love it. And I’m singing the Wallace and Gromit theme song as I’m cleaning and cooking (making M laugh at me all the more).

One day, M and I want to get a dog. I don’t consider myself a huge dog lover, but the look on M’s face when he’s playing with a dog is enough to sway me towards buying a cute one. While the purchase date is years away, we talk about what types of dog we’d get and what his name might me (we’re going for a male pet theme in this home it seems). M really wants a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but I don’t think they’re cuddly enough. I would be really happy with a big German Sheppard, but M thinks that Everyone has a German Sheppard and the breed has a genetic predisposition to hip problems.

It looks like we’re leaning towards a Siberian Husky, as it’s in the Spitz family of dogs, but a touch less conventional. Grey or red, we’re not sure. I like grey, as it would mean that our pets would match (yep, I’m that shallow). We have a long standing interest in the Akida breed of dog (the national dog of Japan), but I’m getting fond of the Husky idea.

So we’re sorting the breed thing out and after watching The Wrong Trousers again last night I commented that I really wanted to name our future dog Gromit. To which I was told that I was wrong to name a dog like a Siberian Husky Gromit. Like the other dogs would laugh at him or something. Also, M thinks that there must be piles and pile of Gromits out there by now. By this point, I’d decided that Gromit was the name and said that M could get any kind of dog he wanted as long as I could name it Gromit. Apparently that offer wasn’t enough to sway him.

This debate about naming pets after claymation figures progressed to a full on debate about what the best name for the future potential dog might me. The best of which we came up with were: Abel, Lynch, Cooper, Ragnar and Roark (and Gromit!). The worst of which were: Cain, Grenouille, Vitezslav, Premisyl, Oscar II:Electric Boogaloo, Gimli and Wallace.

Of course, I tired to name my first cat Yoda.



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