Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 15, 2002


I have almost nothing to do today. The one thing I have on my list, I can’t do becuase I’m suffering from a case of topic block. Much worse than writer’s block, topic block makes it impossible for you to even think of something to write about. You surf the Internet in vain, hoping something will catch your eye, that you’ll find something of interest for 7,000 Czech school kids, but you find nothing. You find piles of stock quotes, AOL Time Warner fretting about the online version of Harry Potter, you find that Surg Knight has had his studio and homes investigated by the LAPD, and you see there is, yet again, a mounting fear of a catastrophic terror attack.

Pause while your boyfriend drops by with a strip of sour red candy and a bottle of Canada Dry ginger ale. Note that your boyfriend totally rocks… continue.

You check your email over and over again, fill out on-line surveys using an estimation of Donald Trump’s identity (note: not actually DT’s idenity. That would just be a little strange), visit European and American versions of the same site to try and understand cultural differences… find nothing insightful, doodle, think about writing a book but then remember that you’re fickle and can’t spell, see how many christmas presents you can buy online thereby saving you the horror of holiday crowds and christmas markets, find piles of presents for one person and none for everyone else on the list, realize that you’re going to have to do the holiday elbow dance after all and finally get tired of looking at the computer.

I can’t pick a topic and it’s making me just a little crazy. It’s not like it has to be an amazing topic. It’s 800 words on the back page of the English language education plan. I’ve written about 20 of them already, so it’s not like it’s new territory. Perhaps I’ve exhausted all my topics? Perhaps there have been no new innovations in techhology that would interest Czech kids? I dunno.

I’m wondering, since I’m the only one in the office today, if it would be appropiate for me to just go home and be bored there. At least I could do laundry or take a nap with the cat. Pedicure?

Home it is…



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