Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 4, 2002


Get me a shot of estrogen! I’m surrounded by males. Two human and one feline. Oh how hard it is to be in a home where no one understands the nuances of being female. Of course I’m totally full of it. M and Mike are my favorite people to be around. I’m in my most relaxed and comfortable state. Like I’m suring a sea of codine.

We’re having a great time. M and Mike are being really wonderful. Mike has even helped me get my archives working semi-properly. The part that isn’t working is not his fault, but mostly blogger’s. I love my blogger pro, but the advanced code seems to be creating more trouble than it needs to. Anyway, we will find the archive for October in case anyone is missing it dearly and I promise to stop randomly deleting html code with the notion that I know what I’m doing.

Yesterday we went to Cesky Raj and looked at some seriously big rocks (whilst singing the “Rocks and Trees” song by a Canadian humour band who’s name escapes me. All I can remember is something about wet trolls. Anyway, it was lovely. Many leaves had fallen and covered the ground in a lovely orange. It did wonders for me to get out of the city for ahile.M and Mike are planning of creating some sort of site or magical web thing that will enable us to post our photos without having to clog our blogs with them, so you’ll all have to wait until that’s done to see it.

Out of 4 mornings getting up has gone in this order. Me, Mike and then M. The man needs his beauty sleep.



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