Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 21, 2002

The storm has passed

Dude, was that exhausting. I’ve been busy as all get out this past weekend. It was the second charity softball tournament I’ve organized this year and the first time I had a chance to dance in sleet. Weather aside, it actually went pretty well. The teams had fun, we made a pretty good haul of coin, and it’s pretty much all over. All I have left to do is return some plastic boxes and mail some thank you letters out. Easy as pie.

I have a bit of wind burn and I doubt that I’ll ever be warm again, but I’m feeling okay with it all. Because it was so cold, we didn’t sell as many cold beverages as we usually do, so we have piles upon piles of Coca Cola products in our office. Normally I would be thrilled by having lots of stuff around, except for the fact that I hate coke, am generally not a fan of pop and am left with a daily choice of carbonated water (in full carbonation and gently carbonated versions). I like my water with gas mind you, but those who like to fill their body with sugar and other evil always seem to get more choice.

Anyway it’s all done. Which means that Kari is gone. I spent the whole weekend torn. I wanted the weekend to be over and to be free of the responsibility of a 200+ person tournament, but I also knew that at 8 a.m. this morning, my non-biological twin would be flying back to Los Angeles.

Can I just pause to say that this October has totally sucked.

We said our farewells last night at the post-tournament party. I don’t think it’s right that I’ve felt that kind of sad 3 times in the same month. I know that going back to the States is what’s right for Kari, but it’s hard. I don’t know who I’m going to sms my petty ramblings to, or email all day and call at night. I wish that GSM technology was gobal so I could really be connected across the ocean. Everyone I know in North America here this: Learn to start using text messaging. It’s the way to go. The sooner you all get on the bus, the sooner we can all be sending nonsense to eachother across the ocean for pennies.

So Bon Voyage Karinka! I can’t wait until we’re out for dinner or watching movies and Buffy together again. I’ll have dessert in honour of you tonight. You spoiled me with your friendship… so come back already. Prague, and my heart, are just a little empty without you.



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