Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 16, 2002


Last night I barely slept. Purple days have a way of holding onto you so that you can get no real rest. And when you do sleep you have odd dreams, like the one I had last night. I’m not the type to remember the whole dream, but there are some details that have been stuck in my brain all day.

I was in Austria. Salzburg to be exact. It was about 1938 or so. The snow capped mountains surrounded the quaint rivier town. I walked in the foothills and gazed into the beautiful gardens. I wasn’t me, but at the same time, I was. It’s that whole dream state. You know that you’re you… but different.

I was at the Von Trapp Family manson. It seemed that I was living the life of Fraulein (?) Maria and I had just gotten to the house to be introduced to the capitan, who was no longer dreamy 1960s Christopher Plummer, but was now dreamy M.

This isn’t so strange for me. I have piles of dreams where reality and movies blend into one strange event. No, the strangeness happened when the “children” were introduced. Instead of Lisel, Friedrich, Luisa, Kurt, Brigita, Marta and Gretel it was, in THIS order, Kari, Mike, Wendy, Andrew, Carly, Klara and Tania. Indeed, I had unconciously turned my friends into the Von Trapp family children. It was particularly hard to take Mike as Freidrich with the hardy beard growing on what should be a 15-year-old boy…

I think Tania was Gretel because she’s short, but I don’t think a 5-year-old would be quite as pleasantly perverted as Tania is.

I’m really glad I don’t believe in Freudian anaylsis… REALLY glad. And Kari is SO in trouble for singing “I am 16 going on 17” on the way back from lunch yesterday. See what you’ve done!

I think the best part of the dream was when reality and musical began to septarate and M was telling me that it was cruel to dress my friends up in sailor outfits.

All those who think I need a vacation, say “I.”



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