Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 16, 2002

We’ve got it!

M and I have be trying to sort out who would be number 5 on my list of famous men I’d be inclined to mount (my mother is going to read TODAY’s blog I’m sure). And there has been much debate. M is baffled as to why Brad Pitt isn’t on the list at all (it’s a blond thing, I just don’t dig) and I think has gotten fed up with me ruling men out because they’re “short.” There’s only so far I can go with fantasy.

Anyway, after much debate and dicussion, it has come down to this:

1. Keanu Reeves

2. Harrison Ford in 1980

3. David Boreanaz

4. Vigo Mortensen

and… ta da!

5. Robbie Williams

Welcome to the list, Robbie… I hope you’re tall enough to be here.



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