Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 12, 2002

The five

Why haven’t I done my five yet? If you look back to the 23rd of September, you’ll see that I did a kind of 4, with 75% of those listed being fictional characters. See my dilemma.Here’s an attempt, but I hope I won’t be held to it.

In no particular order…

(please imagine as I’m typing there a converstaion going on in my head, between me and me, going “Okay, that guy.” “No way, are you mental? Did you see what he wore to the SAG awards?”)

1. Kenau Reeves

2. Vigo Mortgensen

3. David Boreanaz

4. Harrison Ford circa 1980

(now imagine me as I type going “Who the hell am I going to put in the last position.” “You could but Hayden in there.” “Yeah, but did you see his hair in that issue of people?”)

5. Undecided.




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