Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 10, 2002

I think this line’s mostly filler

The ONLY, and I repeat ONLY good thing about my friends leaving is the material things they’re leaving behind with me. Today, the presents from Kari bonanza started. Books, magazines… and a present from Salzburg: a black scarf for belly dancing, jingle-y jangles and all. I shall think of Kari as a shake my booty.

Kari lent me her offical copy of Once more with feeling to enjoy for awhile before she leaves. It’s a little stange to hear it without all the sounds from the show, and I think I prefer the artwork that her brother Andy created for us (Miguel being the kind burner of my bootleg), still it’s nice to hear it again.

This weekend we’re going to see XXX the Vin Diesel film. It’s premering in Prague today and big baldy is in town for the premiere. Could be a good day for star spotting. Apparently I nearly stomped on a very short and famous Czech singer today while walking back from lunch with M and Kari. Who knew.



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