Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 10, 2002

What the hippity-hop-hell is going on here?

Clearly I never paid enough attention to my servu-stats… Mysterious blog friend Mike Chaiton did some snooping on my stats bringing up things that I just don’t understand. What the hell is this query function… I’ve never been to the Lancome store in Budapest. Sure I’ve been to Budapest… I’ve been to several Lancome stores (very nice staff), but what the?

I guess it all makes sense in the chaos theory sense of things, but dude, it’s strange. My deepest sympathies to people who were looking for information on the Spolana chemical plant and got stuck looking at my vain, trivial rantings on curling mascara. The Chelsea hair Punk thing isn’t so suprising. Ironic considering I don’t live in the same postal code as punk, but not a shock.

I don’t know Mike, maybe there was someone out there just like me. Crazy for Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, loves music, obsessed with beauty products, works for an NGO, writes freelance stories about nail care, digs Ayn Rand, misses her friends back home, loves living in Prague, is unabashedly self-absorbed and can’t spell. I wonder if they’re crazy too?

This whole internet thing, is WAY out of control.



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