Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 7, 2002

The continuing disgrace of my heros

Martina had Premire magazine (in Czech) at SPUSA today where she confirmed what Ted Casablanca has earlier alluded to about the Two Towers.

SPOILERS for those who have not read THE TWO TOWERS or RETURN OF THE KING

Apparenly a great deal of the movie focuses upon the “romance” between Aragorn and Eowyn, thereby confirming that Peter Jackson and co are going to corrput the incorruptable relationship between Aragorn and Arwen. In the books he assumes his place as king of men to prove himself worthy of the fairest of the elves. He does it all, the battles, the toil, the whole kitten cabodle because he wants to be with Arwen. Because he wants to be worthy of her, because he wants to be great. As he comes to understand his greatness he becomes more and more sucessful in the war of the ring.

Maybe I have morals and ideals that have passed out of fashion, but when you’re on a quest to prove yourself worthy of the mantle of King of Men and worthy of the fairest of the elves, you do not take time out of pursue the Lady of Rohan. It’s a contradiction to Aragorn’s character if they make the interest mutual. Being a hero isn’t just about being good with a sword and an inspiration to soldiers, there’s a huge amount of HONOUR involved.

If he were to pursue something with Eowyn, if even for a moment, how could he use the standard that Arwen created for him in battle? Wouldn’t that make him a fraud? The charm of these stories is that the romances are clear. People fall in love and do great things for that love and then have much deserved happiness. Why must people in our time mess with these stories and make the story more like the way things are today, where everyone is corrupt and there are no heros. There are times and places to develop the idea of the corruptability of man, but not in The Lord Of The Rings. That isn’t the place. It’s the place where we dream about living in a world where there are heros.

And really, if the character of Arwen, who is the fairest of the race of the fair isn’t compelling enough to keep her man’s eyes from wandering then there’s clearly no hope for the rest of us.




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