Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 5, 2002

So that was dumb

I don’t really have anything interesting to report from my life today, save that M and I are heading out with Kari for dinner tonight to celebrate her birthday. Promises to be fun. I hope she likes her present… not like I’m going to say what it is here… I know she’s reading.

Anyway, Dawn emailed me this wonderful tidbit from The National Post.

Brazilian presidential candidate Ciro Gomes found out the hard way how powerful female voters have become in Brazil. When voters go to the polls on Sunday to choose a new president, women will outnumber men for the first time. Asked how this might influence the outcome of the race, Mr. Gomes made a politically fatal mistake.”Sure women are important,” said Mr. Gomes. “Take my girlfriend. She has the most important role of all, which is to sleep with me.” The comment made national news, even in a country with a reputation for being macho-oriented. Mr. Gomes, a former governor of Ceara state who was rising steadily in the polls, promptly slid to a distant fourth. He now has 11% support, according to the Ibope polling agency, and almost no chance to win.




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