Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 2, 2002

These pants are uncomfortable

It’s true. They are. And you know what? They’re not even my pants. They’re my ex-boyfriend Grant’s pants that I got in the break up, years ago. I don’t have them because of any attachment to him, but because they’re made of un-cut corduroy and look pretty cool. But they’re uncomfortable. The waistband rests on my belly in such a way that I constantly feel like I need to go to the bathroom when I’m wearing them… And it’s not as though they’re tight pants… it’s just something about the waist band. It’s like everything in the hips is like a centimeter off right.

So I took them off and I’ve changed pants. Now I’m wearing the grey cords that match nothing. Not quite grey… not quite black. Everything looks wrong with them. But they’re comfy. If I were in for the night I’d leave them on, but I’m heading off to Wendy’s goodbye party and there are going to be people there. And I really can’t wear these pants in front of people. Off they come too.

Jon would suggest that I wear No Pants!, but I don’t feel like wearing my boots as I wore them yesterday and put a few klicks on them. What to wear? I’m going to a smoky cafe, so I don’t want to wear anything that I might want to wear again before I do laundry.

God, this post is so inane, even I’m bored.

Today I wish that I was smart the way that everyone else is smart and not be smart in my own way. Then I might understand things more. But I don’t, and I’m weird, and I’m usually totally ok and happy with that. Clearly I need to listen to some ABBA.



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