Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 1, 2002

Busy as a beaver

I wanted to make sure I posted something today and thank Ian for finding the rest of my post to Tara. Darn html… Of course when I try to edit the post to fix the html that turned the text of my post into one GIANT link, blogger gives me the ol’ error 404. Perhaps this is come of the complex programming that comes with Pro. The warned me about it, and offered to let me downgrade (wouldn’t you say degrade) to the previous version. And I’ve discovered that blogger pro doesn’t want to work with Netscape, so I can’t use it on the crappy little mac. Thankfully I get to use the imac a lot more at work now.

Anyway, it’s been a very busy day, though I don’t feel like I got a lot of work done, I did make a dent. I also created more work for myself. Just what I needed. We’re doing a new fundraiser on November 28th with the Prague Philharmonia, so I have less than 2 months to figure out just how I pull that off… 19 days to the softball tournament. I guess I’ll sleep in December. I’m pretty excited about the concert however. I’ve felt really disconnected from music since I left Canada and my Double Bass behind (sniff). The orchestra’s playing one of my favourite Mozart pieces, symphony No. 40 in G minor (unless that’s 25… hrm, best do some researching at home), and to be honest, my personality and taste is more suited to the arts and music than it is to softball and (urg) Rugby.

In other festive news, I purchased Wendy’s goodbye and happy birthday present today and half of Kari’s brithday present. Of course we’re all Libras. Though looking at the Birthday’s board, I’m the only Libra working in The Prague Post offices. That’s just a little strange.



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