Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 30, 2002

All by myself…

Yup, I’m all alone in the office today and actually listening to that song. Normally a state of being I would completely embrace, but today I actually need my co-workers here to get some work done. Will it ever work out right? Had I known I would have brought some really peppy dance music in to cheer myself up. Things are stressful at work, and I’m a little peeved at myself for letting it affect me so much. If M and I were people of faith (which we aren’t) I’d nominate him for prehumous, naively assuming that the antithesis of posthumous is prehumous (laugh all you like), cannonization for being such a saint to me this past week.

The thing about work that’s making me crazy is that (using my popular pants anaology) I’m spending more time on the things that aren’t my job than I am on the things that are. The things that I like and the things that make me feel satisfied with myself. It’s as though someone has handed me a pair of pants that don’t fit and have asked me to wear them until they get back… but I can’t make any alterations. So not only am I uncomfortable, but I look funny too.



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