Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 25, 2002

Czech Radio

One of the things I’m going to miss about Prague when I leave, someday, is Czech radio. Generally speaking it’s insane. And I love it. The station I listen to the most, I shamefully admit, is Radio City 93.7 (devet tri sedm), which is not only the biggest station in the country, but is the place where you are mostly likely to hear pop-y crap. It doesn’t play the most euro-trash in the city, which may be why I like it so much (very little Scooter. A band that has a song where they guy says, and I kid not “Siberia… the place to be.” Not even a dash of irony in that).

The best thing about Czech Radio is that there are no rules. A station with a pop format will play anything from Eminem (uncensored) to Enya. You get your Czech songs, which are sometimes great and sometimes not. Or you get alt rock songs that wouldn’t get any play in North America. Think of it this way, the biggest pop station in the city will, on occasion, play The Cure and Depeche Mode.

Still it’s not Radio paradise. The greatness is usually stuck between euro trash which means I have to get up every 4 minutes and change the song, like I’ve been doing the entire time I’ve been writing this post. Ohh, Blur, I don’t have to get up.

What about the alternative station. It’s 91.9 and called Radio 1 (Radio Jedna) and sometimes it’s totally right on. Playing great songs from electronica to lo-fi. Unfortunately, with that right on-ness, comes unending droning voices of DJs talking to DJs and bands, or just spending way too much time introducing a song in that disaffected alternative DJ voice (which is damn irritating in a different language). And then there’s World Music mornings. Radio 1 does impress me in that it’s weekday morning show is a mix of all kinds of cool music and then songs from musicals. Recently they’ve had a thing for Moulin Rouge, which can always get me going in the morning.




  1. Actually, I’m fairly sure the line is “Cyberia, the place to be!”.

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