Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 23, 2002

I’m picky

Those who know me well, know this a part of the essence of me. I try not to upset people with it, hence my independent streak, however it sometimes mixes with my most unflattering trait, stubborness, and people occaisonally get grumpy with me about it. Do I change? Heck no. If I can take care of myself, then I’m going to do it my way.

Anyway, where did this fit of psychobabble come from? Two places really. First, This girl’s blog and her affinity for lists got me reflecting on my “laminated” list and how it’s really short. And when M and I were watching Almost Famous this weekend and I (I’m sorry Kari) just really didn’t find Billy Krudup (sp?) attractive in the slightest way. M suggested that it was part of my basic distain for moustaches, but even after seeing a photo of him in InStyle I wasn’t convinced. M then said that I’m picky and I’m crazy. (true on both counts).

So why am I so picky about men? I’ve dated some total losers, so clearly it’s a taste I’ve developed in recent years. I think I’m attractive, but I know that I’m not the kind of girl who creates that slow-motion-soft-focus effect when she walks into a room (mostly because I walk pretty fast), so who the hell am I to be dissing Billy Krudup? Here’s where I clarify. If someone doesn’t make the “laminated” list, it doesn’t mean I think they’re butt ugly and I’d spit on them. It just means that they don’t ring my bell, honk my horn or cause me to create any kind of alarm or warning sound. Most people become more attractive as you get to know them. With that in mind, someone who would incite the desire to hop out of your pants would have to be spectacular. Like totally spectacular. And spectacular is an individual thing, with lots of criteria to be met and just a dab of je ne sais quois.

Which is why the list is so short. And I’m in a relationship where I find a lot of happiness in reality, so even the men on the laminated list would have some serious impressing to do to catch my eye. It takes more than a pretty face, though a cape never hurt anyone. Also I think it’s important to distinguish between the people (actors) and the characters. You really know nothing about the people, so it’s usually the character you’re in to as the real person is most likely nothing like the character…hence all the acting. Like I’m sure Harrison Ford leaves the toilet seat up, but Han Solo doesn’t.

And like Cher said in Clueless “You see how picky I am with my shoes… and they only go on my feet.”

Famous men/characters that I find visually pleasing, and that might, just might, impress me in a cape or would be allowed to resuce me from peril

-Han Solo

-Keanu Reeves

-Angel (before he got his own show and that enormous ‘tude)

-Aragorn (in the movie, because the one in the book is old, like really old.)


(Additon: You may notice (Kari) that Anakin Skywalker (or Hayden Christensen) is not on the list. It takes years to get on the “laminated list” and I think it would be hasty to add him after only one movie. He still has some proving to do.)


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