Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 23, 2002

Get ready

So Kari’s got my back no matter how far away she’s going to be. Still nothing will save me from the abuse of M and Mike. Of course I know the trick is to ignore it and it will go away, (god I almost said something awful here, proof that my brain is shifting into evil mode a whole month in advance) but that would require me being a much bigger person than I am. Or maybe the problem is that I don’t hurl abuse back at them. Sure they’re formidable opponents, but I can take them. Okay. This October/November… the gloves are coming off.

As for reporting on their abuse, the trouble is that they tend to try and embarass me or gross me out, thereby ensuring that I won’t repeat it as there are some things that I just will not say or put in writing. Either because it’s evil and gross or just so incredibly dumb that I can’t bring myself to acknowledge that I heard it in the first place.



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