Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 20, 2002

Shook my groove thing

Belly dancing rocked. I’ve signed up for the rest of the year and apparently I have some skill at it. Our teacher didn’t realize that Tania, Clara and I didn’t speak Czech until after the class, so we really couldn’t understand what she was instructing us to do… we we watched and copied. And it was a blast. I did understand that I was doing the moves well, since every time she came over to inspect me she smiled and said “Vyborne!” (excellent).

So now I’m going to have to find a scarf that makes noise, as the belly dancing moves are totally enchanced by the sounds of the metal chips on the scarf. And belly dancing music is excellent. She had some traditional stuff, but also some newer stuff that had some drum and bass elements.

Today my belly hurts a little, but in a good way, like I was working it. My arms are a bit sore as are my legs. Still I’m hooked. I managed to perform all the moves she taught us without feeling silly or conspicuous about my body… until we had to do the really fast shoulder shaking (like moving your shoulders back and forth, alternating each one, but really fast). I’m a woman of decent decoletage. I’m not like disproportionately large, I suit my build, but I’m not like Holland either. Needless to say when the shoulder shaking got going quickly, things got pretty funny, and I had to laugh. I’m going to have to tape myself down or something next time.



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