Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 17, 2002

I’m Batman… BAT DANCE!

It’s never too early for a little Prince. It is with joy that I have been intorduced to the blog of Mr. Ian “Batman” Neufeld (I’m html lazy today so you can find his link on the side bar). Ian often springs to mind when I begin the GW chant of “dance, dance, dance, dance…”, spoken in a menacing whisper. My heart breaks for Ian as I see that he is still in the apex of evil known as Edmonton. Be strong of heart and the evil will not break you.

FYI Ian, Kari is one of my best girl-friends, who I met in Prague and am fiendishly trying to convince to stay in Prague and not move back to La-La land. My mother said that she and I act more like sisters than my actual sister and I do. Kari kicks very much of the ass, knows big words that scare me and can tell you all the names of the presidents, kings and prime ministers of all the Middle Eastern and Asian Countries. That’s why she’s always on my team for trivia night.



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