Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 15, 2002

The fraud that is curling mascara

Yesterday M and I went shopping. We were looking for bicycles, but for some reason, all the bike shop owners in Prague don’t think it’s possible that someone might want to purchase a bike on Saturday afternoon. Nope, people only want to buy bikes, when they’re at work or on Saturday moring when they’re catching up on much needed rest.

Anyway, we didn’t get bikes, so we went to the mall (2 malls in fact) and I hit Sephora. M laughed at me because apparently I can’t walk into that store without buying something. Which I guess is true. Yesterday’s purchases included my first ever purchase of curling mascara. “What is this?” ask all the men reading my blog. Well, it’s mascara (obviously) that is formulated to make your lashes curl up, creating the look you get from using a lash curler, without having to put that device anywhere near your eyes. I have to confess. I don’t use my lash curler very much. I find it uncomfortable and I’ve never really been able to see a difference. So either this means that the necessity of lash curling is just a lie created by the lash curler industry, or I have naturally curly eye lashes. Seeing as these are the only eye lashes I’ve ever had, I really can’t say.

So I buy this premium (it’s a nice way of saying expensive) mascara that is supposed to define AND curl. FleXtencils by Lancome in Brun Flex – Full Extension and Curving Mascara. I decided to get brown so I could really look like I had these natually curly lashes. Black would have been more dramatic, but would have tipped the “natural” hand. Plus, they were all out of black and there was no way I was buying blue (even though navy blue mascara makes the whites of your eyes whiter). There are no instructions on the box, so I assume that I just brush it on like all other mascaras. To be fair, the mascara is excellent. My lashes looked great, but no curlier. Maybe if I use the mascara it enhances what the actual eyelash curling device does. I’m not sure.

Anyway, I’m not upset about my purchase, as I have a really nice mascara to use. I still need to hunt down a decent black as I’ve been using this L’oreal Intensifique, which is pretty good for drugstore brand mascara, but has a tendency to clump and irritate my eyes. I have another brown mascara I bought by mistake (thinking it was black) by Clinique, called lash doubling mascara, which is good for day to day wear, but I need to pitch it soon as it’s more than 6 months old and that’s just dangerous (eye infections). Finally, like any good make-up hound I have the obigatory Maybelline Great Lash mascara in very black. A good cheap formula, but once you start using brushes that come with the premium brands, it’s hard to embrace using the little great lash brush.



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