Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 12, 2002

The Two Towers

I’m reading this column on Eonline about the stars of Lord of the Rings, and their dramatic love lives. And, whatever, I’m not even sure why I read the column. I guess I like to know what’s happening, even if it is the lives of the beautiful people. Anyway, this thing about Vigo, Orlando and Elijah also included some spoilers about the romantic tone of The Two Towers…

Arrrrh… there be spoilers below for people who haven’t read The Two Towers

In the book, Eowyn, the horse riding, sword weilding lady of Rohan (read: Tom-boy) falls for Aragorn. He’s all, “yes you’re beautiful and strong and many other good things, but I am betrothed to the fairest of the Elves, Arwen.” And she’s sad, throws herself at him some (bitch, he’s taken), but then finds her own path and her own love without ruining the incredible romance of Aragorn and Arwen. This article suggested that Aragorn would be less than honourable, shifting from his “I’m very flattered and honoured by your affection, but I’m going to pass” to “Maybe I have time to chase some tail before I invade Mordor and take my place as King of Men.” These trashy hollywood types are smutting-up my heroes…

It is, however, entirely possible that I’m just falling prey to hype.

I quote here: As last year’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring left off, Mortensen (Aragorn) and Tyler (Arwen) were clearly headed for a romantic something, right? Yep. And nope.

“There’s going to be a romantic triangle in the next one,” said a source ultra-connected to this year’s holiday offering. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, I’m told, might more aptly be titled Ménage à Towers, as Arwen’s desires for Aragorn get rather complicated by the arrival of an unladylike Lady Eowyn (played by What Lies Beneath’s Otto). “We sexed it up a bit,” admits a Ringsmaster.

“… there will be plenty of tension between the three.”

Spoilers above for those who haven’t read The Two Towers. Watch your head.

Maybe they’re just talking about what happens in the book, I do hope so. Maybe things will stay as they were and this is all just part of sucking in the people who enjoy watching scandal (I’m sure I’ve been one of those people once in awhile). I truly hope so. Please don’t mess with my book too much Peter Jackson!

Who the hell “sexes up” Tolkien?



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