Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 11, 2002

Why am I not being serious?

Yeah, it’s been a year. I guess I should have written sooner, like this was the first thing on my mind this morning. But to be honest, it wasn’t. It was pretty late in crossing my mind and when it did… well, I didn’t have a moment of horrible pain or sorrow. Just my continuing drive to keep working and keep living.

I’m not a good mourner. Never have been.

I remember where I was last year. I was at SPUSA, I was about to teach a class and the Mona came in a told me that the first plane had hit. It was just about an hour earlier than it is now. I knew before a lot of people, but didn’t see anything on TV until much later. I made a lot of phone calls to be sure that everyone was okay. And they were.

I’ve been really lucky living here. I wasn’t inundated with everything like people back home were. Yes, I was sad, angry and sickened by it, but not crippled by it. I’ve talked about it a lot, with most people I’ve met. It was a huge thing. There are going to be memorials, film premires of 11.09.01, television shows, and in many ways, tonight is my chance to see a lot of the things I’d missed by living here and not having satellite. I wonder if I’ll take it.

I remember last year, we went for Italian food.



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