Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 10, 2002

You actually go outside in these things?

Yep, I watched X-men last night. It saddens me to realize it, but I can’t take Ian McKellen seriously as Magnito after just having watched him as Gandalf. It’s like a problem I had when I was yonger with Star Wars. I watched this movie where Alec Guniess was playing Hitler of all people, but he was doing it with the same tone and intonation as Obi Wan Kenobi. Talk about messing up your perceptions of things.

I had no idea Wendy liked Primus so much. I once dated a guy who liked Primus a whole heck of a lot and I just didn’t get it. Yes, Les Claypool is a very talented bassist, but I just can’t get into the music. It’s like the soundtrack to a kindergarten full of kids with attention deficit disorder.

Mike is back from Vay-Kay and you know, we were all checking on his blog every day to see if he’d posted. But he stayed true to his promise and even sent out a ltitle something to all of us in the Old World before it became Tuesday. It was seen and much appreciated as Mike’s electronic presence was greatly missed. Almost as much as his actual presence is missed.

I’m about to head off for my Czech lesson. It’s something I know I must do and I want to do well, but I just so bad with languages. I didn’t think I was, but apparently I am. Sometimes when Czech class makes me feel particularly dumb (and not by any fault of my teacher, she’s kind and understanding) I buy a French or a German newspaper and read it to make myself feel better. In fact I had a moment of “maybe I’m not retarded with langauges” last week. A friend of M’s and mine from Munich, who has moved to Australlia for a year sent us both messages telling us her new mobile number. Of course, almost all of her friends are German, the message was in German. But I’m pretty sure I understood it and that was a little triumph in my battle against languages.

Off I go to fight the battle of personal pronouns and prepositions. I used to think it was declining the nouns and adjectives that was hard, but no… the real evil in Czech is pronouns. At least for this week.



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