Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 9, 2002

I thought that I had walked into a dream.

I got all pro-ed up today for this meeting I was sure I was supposed to have this morning. I’m wearing the skirt from my new suit, a flattering top, the “I’m a smart, well dressed and classy girl” shoes are on and I even blew my hair dry last night, allowing it to assume it’s proper glory. And guess what… The meeting is NEXT Monday. I may be really cute today, but I’m still a bit dumb.

I have to say, I had an excellent sleep last night. Very restful. I wasn’t too hot or was I too cold. The cat woke me up once, but I fell back asleep very quickly. And I had some awsome dreams. Dreams that ended the way I wanted and didn’t turn into the ones where I’m stuck in a dream loop, using all my mental energy to take of my sweater. It amazes me how many of my dreams end up with me trying to take off or put on a peice of clothing and not being able to do so, and getting stuck on it. I wake up very frustrated from dreams like that. Or I wake up terrified from dreams where I’m being chased by what I think are actors from Law & Order, and no matter how fast or far I run, they’re always right behind me. I have that dream less and less, now that I don’t really see Law & Order anymore.

Anyway, niether of those dreams happened last night. Everything was pleasant and there was no looping. There were factets of Lord of the Rings, Buffy & Angel, music from my current favourite band Muse and the more pleasant aspects of actual reality. It was a nice way to start my week. Of course, now I don’t really want to work, I just want to go back to my dream. Which I can’t do, because I’ll just end up tangled in my sweater or trying to lace up skates for 4 hours.

I can’t work right now anyway. I’m waiting. One of the 84 pieces of e-junk mail I receieved on my computer today is corrupt, so I have to wait as the saintly IT guy goes through my outlook express and removes the evil message. However, I can hear him in the finance office making the ladies there giggle, as he’s known to do. I don’t think I’m forgettable, yet he always manages to forget me. And I wait. I wonder why I get so much junk mail in Chinese? I wonder why people send junk mail? Is anyone that dumb that they’d click over and learn how to enlarge various parts of their body? It’s like the people who buy the sea monkeys that are advertised in the back of Archie comics.

Speaking of Archie, I’ve been asked ot join a girl band. It should be fun, but we’re going to be named Betty. Which I guess is cool, but I always liked Veronica better. Come to think of it, I never really liked Archie that much, and wondered why Veronica would waste her time with him. Reggie was cuter.

Okay, now I’m writing about nothing… maybe I can organize all the staionary in the office.



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