Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 8, 2002

Why live life from dream to dream…

It has been a great weekend for movies. First on Friday, when I took the afteroon off to do some writing for work, I watched Lord of the Rings while sitting in bed with my lap top. That’s working I tell you. Of course when 7000 Czech students get their lesson plans on battery power and read it like some epic struggle between positive and negative leads, at least we’ll know why. “Frodo, the lithium-ion battery must be recharged. The only way is to run a current through it, negative current to the one that drained it. This current can only be found in the fires of Mount DOOM!”

Later that night, after several vodka based cocktails and some sekt, the supergirls and I watched The Sound of Music and much singing, laughing and fun was had. Wendy had the most fun I think because she spent most of the night going through my In Style magazines, oohing and ahhing at all the pretty clothes and products you can buy in the New World. I think she almost gave up on law school in the hope that she could just join the working world, make some coin and buy some very pretty shoes. It’s a future that awaits many of us.

Kari and I spent Saturday evening eating overpriced, but oh so worth it and much needed sushi at Slovansky Dum. We sat on the patio and I told her the sorted details of the history of my love life. Girl meets boy, boy convinces girl to commit, girl finds boy boring and possessive or boy moves to Alberta, girl leaves boy. Lather, rinse, repeat. After that, we watched Moulin Rouge. And there was much singing along and Kari drooling over Ewan M. (Sorry, but he’s short).

Speaking of people in Star Wars, my lastest issue of In Style, the “What’s sexy now” issue, has a wonderful photo of cape-boy himself Hayden Christensen. Of course no one else seems to be as impressed by it as I am. M: “I don’t like him.” Wendy and Kari: “You’re a pedophile.” (okay Kari used a different and more difficult word, a word you would know if you had your masters in journalism, which I don’t). Totally unfair. I’m like 4 years older than the guy! And I’m not even old. When did I turn into Joan Collins? Anyway, it’s a nice photo and he looks nice, even without the cape.

And guess how much the collectors edition of the lightsaber costs… about $300 USD. I guess I know why nerds are paid so much. Collecting all those toys is expensive.



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