Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 2, 2002


I just want to tell everyone that it’s almost at my perfect temperature here in Prague. It’s about 20. I’m happiest when it’s about 15 and getting ready to storm. It was like that yesterday, and it was great. M said that this weather makes him a little edgy as he feels like he’s never going to be able to get warm again. I love it. Apparently it’s Kingston weather. People who didn’t grow up there, but went to school there seem to rememeber it as a rainy and stormy place. Which always strikes me a strange because while I remember the rainy springs and stormy falls (my favourite time of the year), I also remember the sunny winter days watching the pink and blue sunsets over the lake and drinking hot chocolate after going sledding or skating on the lake or the breezy summer days, where if the bugs weren’t too bad you could spend an afternoon sitting on the grass under a tree reading and drinking lemonade.

The rain was always just part of the cycle. I would always, and I guess still do, get irritated by people from Toronto who would come to Kingson and just spend all their time bitching about the weather. Made me mental. Yes there is rain in Kingston. It’s at the point of convergence of a huge lake and a huge river. Precpitation is going to happen. Why did all these people who were stressed out about school, growing up and other sundry issues deal with them by crapping all over my home town? Apparently I’m not issue free either.



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