Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 2, 2002


Why does everyone have conversations in front of my office. And I don’t mean normal chatting converstaions. People seem to stand in front of my office and yell at eachother. Which I guess is better than when people sit in my office and yell at eachother. That blew. One of the people I share this space with is a little deaf, so I’m getting used to his yelling all the time (makes me think of David Lynch’s character in Twin Peaks), but on Thursday, he had someone in the office (doing work that related to neither the paper or the non-profit organization, but I didn’t tattle) who was shouting. It was intolerable. I actually had to run upstairs to the offices of the newspaper and commondeere (sp?) the office of the managing editor who was away on vacation.

Noise can drive me to tears, make me act like a five year old and prevent my mind from functioning. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in this noise rut, because I always think that I’m being oversensitive when there’s noise, so I don’t say anything. Really I should. It would be much less irritating. So please remember… there’s no need to shout.



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