Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 28, 2002

An unending source of amusement

So M just came down to my office to procrastinate, which worked really well, since that was exactly what I was doing. As we were the only ones in my office as everyone else was in a meeting or out, we decided to have some fun. Not that, gutter-brain! We went to one of my favourite sites where you can play the “what cartoon charater or dictator am I?” or “Create your own band.” Which M did, and we even got to hear it play. It was funky. So I did a little chair dancing (not that kind, pervert-pants) and had a good laugh.

People talk about the internet and how wonderful it is to have so much access to information and how you can disseminate ideas in nanoseconds. I think that’s cool, but I think it serves an even better purpose, giving us instant access to things that make us laugh.



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