Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 27, 2002

The Sweetest Thing

It’s amazing where revelations come from. Last night, Kari, Wendy and I saw The Sweetest Thing. A gross out chick flick as it were. No aliens or wizards but I did laugh occaisonally and was heartily icked at other parts. At one point (I think it was just after the penis song) Kari turned to me and said “that’s the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.” and normally I’d agree except I took experiemental film in Univiersity and the things I saw there have scarred me for life. Not that this movie didn’t give it a good go. I mean, Jason Bateman singing Eternal Flame…

Anyway, the movie did get my brain moving. Frist of all it sovled my hair dilemma. I have to say that I really liked Christina Appelgate’s hair. I think it put in a great performance (why don’t they give out awards for that. Not like best hair and make-up, but best performance by a head of hair. Sure it can be beautifully coiffed, but it’s all about how you work it). So I’m thinking I’m going to find a photo of it on the internet and print it (hopefully with colour) and take that to the salon and say “make it so” (hopefully I won’t end up bald).

Secondly, I think people should dance more. In the street, at work, at home, everywhere. I think we’d all be less grouchy if life was a little bit more like Fame. Imagine if life was actually a musical. Maybe that’s why we all like Once more with feeling so much. It gives us a glimpse of what life would be if we sang about big issues and the mudane. Sure we’d be bursting into flame and all, but talk about venting. So next time you have something to get off your chest…sing it off. That’s what Wendy does. She’s the all time master of making up songs for everything. And I bet that has a lot to do with her cheery disposition.

Finally, moments of personal joy. I used to think that my favourite thing to do when I was having a bad day was to eat ceasar salad while having a bath (there, proof that I’m a total nut), but the movie made me realize that I’ve been blind to other possibilties. While I don’t think I’m up for the ice cream and oral sex that was shown in the flim (the female equivalent of watching the hockey game, drinking a beer and getting a… well, you know), as it has the potential to be messy and you might choke. I think that I would be a willing participant in a full body massage/sushi dinner or hair cut and styling/poutine fest. It’s an easy thing to figure out. Take your favourite low imapct relaxing activity (a bath, massage, hair styling) and pair it with one of your favourite foods that you can’t often eat (either becuase of price or diet) and POW! instant fantasy gratification.

Mix that, a little dancing in the street and personal stylists for everyone and this would be a happier world.



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