Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 27, 2002

Evil imac

Normally I’m extalling the virtues of the pretty blue imac we have in our office. It’s stylish design, the cute clicky noises it makes when I open a program or it’s ability to let me design pretty things. But today I’m am unhappy with little blue. After reading Mike’s blog about movie trailers I thought I might head over to myself and catch up. But this computer has a glitch. No matter how many times you intstall it, it never really believes that it has quick time. I have a launcher program on this computer and one segment is devoted to quick time 6. Sometimes I even move the application button onto the desktop or have the applicaion open when I go to the trailers sight. But it is always to no avail. I get a message “quicktime 5 required to view this trailer” and I have it and version 6. What the hell is up? I’m getting sick of having to download quicktime every time I want to watch a trailer, but it seems to be what I’m doomed to do. Gah!



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